Dr. Blake



Dr. Blake is a compassionate and highly skilled Physician Assistant (PA) specializing in dermatology, driven by a deep-seated passion for medicine and a strong desire to help people regain their confidence and well-being through healthy skin.

Her educational journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, establishing a solid foundation in the biological sciences. She continued her academic pursuits, achieving a Bachelor of Health Sciences and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, equipping herself with the knowledge and expertise necessary for her role as a PA.

Dr. Blake has gained invaluable professional experience at reputable healthcare institutions, including AFC Urgent Care, Infinity Dermatology, and First Med Care, where she specializes in dermatology as a PA.

Her decision to become a Physician Assistant was deeply rooted in her unwavering commitment to helping others and her genuine love for the field of medicine. As a Dermatology PA, she has found the perfect avenue to merge these passions, enabling her to make a profound and positive impact on her patients’ lives.

Among her most cherished professional achievements is her transformation of a challenging patient who initially questioned the efficacy of her acne treatment plan. Dr. Blake’s unwavering dedication led her to request six months for the treatment to take effect. Over the ensuing four months, the patient experienced remarkable improvements in her skin, culminating in tears of joy during their recent consultation. Once a difficult patient, she is now a contented one who eagerly anticipates each visit. Dr. Blake’s capacity to boost her patients’ confidence and deliver life-changing results exemplifies her commitment and expertise in dermatology.

Her personal experience with acne during her youth significantly influenced her decision to pursue a career in dermatology. Her mentor, whom she shadowed during clinical rotations, played a pivotal role in resolving her own acne-related insecurities. Today, Dr. Blake channels her personal journey to empathize with her patients’ experiences, making it her mission to help them restore their confidence.

In the field of dermatology, Dr. Blake continues to provide exceptional care and support to her patients, helping them achieve healthier, more vibrant skin while embodying her passion for medicine and her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those she serves.

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