What happens during a routine women’s health exam?

Women’s health exams provide many of the same assessments and evaluations as a physical exam with a general practitioner or family doctor, but exams and assessments are tailored specifically for a woman’s needs.

The health issues and symptoms women experience as they pass through different stages of life can be markedly different from those experienced by men. Women’s health services provide women with care that’s focused squarely on their needs, helping to ensure they can enjoy optimal health at every age.

Exams begin with measurements of weight and blood pressure, as well as a detailed personal and family medical history to look for possible risk factors for diseases.

In addition to routine medical assessments, a clinical breast exam will be performed and a Pap test and HPV screening may also be performed.

Guidance will be provided depending on each woman’s unique needs, including information on birth control and menopause when necessary.

Urinalysis may be performed and other medical screenings and tests may also be ordered.

What can a gynecologist treat?

Gynecologists can treat a wide range of known issues or conditions which involve the female reproductive system. Heavy or painful menstrual periods, urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections, endometriosis, and internal cysts and fibroids are just a few examples. Essentially, any problem a woman has with this region of her body will be referred to the gynecologist for treatment and care.

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