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Why are annual checkups important?

Annual physical exams provide an ongoing record of patient health that can help doctors identify the subtle, early signs of diseases and health issues so preventive steps or treatment can begin right away.

They also ensure each patient receives the most appropriate care at different ages and stages of life, helping patients enjoy optimal health and wellness as they get older.

Plus, seeing the doctor every year helps patients stay healthy and avoid diseases by enabling them to receive recommended health screenings and immunizations, including vaccinations for diseases like measles, whooping cough, chicken pox and other serious diseases.

Finally, having annual checkups provides an opportunity for patients to discuss health concerns and ask a question about their health and wellness.

Both children and adults should have routine physical examinations every year.

Are flu shots safe?

Yes, flu shots and other immunizations are safe. Every type of vaccination provided in the U.S. is subjected to extensive testing and evaluation before release, and having routine flu shots, and other immunizations help ensure patients stay healthy while also helping to prevent the spread of diseases to others.

What happens during an annual well visit?

Annual well visits include measurements of weight and blood pressure, an evaluation of the lungs, heart, eyes, ears and throat, palpitations of the belly area to check for signs of tenderness, and other evaluations based on the patient’s needs and risk factors. Lab testing may also be recommended.

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