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First MedCare provides both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to help patients relax during treatment, and cable televisions are provided as well.

What happens during a dental cleaning?

Routine dental cleanings begin with a visual examination of the teeth and gums to look for obvious signs of decay and disease.

The cleaning itself uses special mild abrasives designed to remove plaque, tartar and stains gently from tooth surfaces, as well as in between teeth and along the gum line where bacteria can hide.

As the hygienist cleans each tooth, they will be looking for areas where brushing and flossing need to be improved so they can provide you with guidance to help you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible between professional cleanings.

Once the cleaning is complete, dental x-rays may also be performed to look for signs of decay or disease below the gum line, and an oral cancer screening will be conducted.

What are root planning and scaling?

Root planing and scaling are special deep-cleaning techniques used to remove bacteria and hard tartar from below the gum line and to smooth rough spots on tooth roots that make it easier for disease-causing bacteria to take hold.

These techniques are used in patients who have moderate to severe gum disease to help protect teeth and prevent the teeth from becoming weak and falling out.

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